International Freight Forwarding Ocean and Air Freight

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What separates Zedu Logistics from other international logistics companies is that we utilize our global fluency and international presence to provide optimized transportation services for products of all compositions to choice locations around the world, simplifying transportation management and logistics for our partners.

We have built steadfast relationships with reliable carriers throughout the years, and our clients benefit from these connections and our superior international supply chain management. Shipments of any volume can find a suitable place with one of Zedu Logistics’ transportation partners without sacrificing reasonable rates or timeliness.

Zedu Logistics’ experience in the market enables our customers to cost-effectively ship anywhere in the world. Our knowledge in experience in the chemical industry allows us to provide top notch service across the globe for your bulk liquid transportation needs.

Avoid the hassles of sharing space by opting for full container load (FCL) transportation. Zedu Logistics helps customers select the correct container sizes for their products, and can provide pickup at your origin facility. Whether you’re importing or exporting, shipping port to port or door to door, we can provide the equipment for the job. With a FCL shipment, customers can maximize the value of their delivery with better pricing and added convenience.

Consolidate a smaller shipment as a Less Than Container Load (LCL) to share the price of international shipping with another manufacturer and improve efficiency. Zedu Logistics organizes its network of deliveries to find potential pairings for each small ocean freight shipment based on dimensions and weight. We find the right space for every product and bring down the cost as much as possible according to volume. Our experts can coordinate your LCL shipment regardless of the commodity.

Safeguard oversized and/or heavyweight cargo by shipping non-containerized materials on breakbulk tankers, parcel tankers or project (RO/RO) vessels. Zedu Logistics places difficult-to-transport goods and equipment on ocean carriers that can handle their large sizes and weights. With our multimodal services, we find the haulage mode best suited to deliver bulk items from point to point, and shelter them from the elements en route. Zedu Logistics guarantees competitive pricing for all services and adapts to each international guideline.

When urgent delivery is a client’s biggest concern, air transportation is the most sensible solution. With service via cargo aircraft or passenger planes(DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, and Global Express Line) , Zedu Logistics can provide our clients with the right options to expedite their cargo across the globe. With capability for multi-modal door to door service, and specialized cargo handling such as temperature-controlled shipments, Zedu Logistics offers airfreight solutions where some customers may not even know the opportunity exists.

When it comes to international operations, the key to unlocking full supply chain value is to partner with a proven global logistics expert who can customize an international logistics solution that addresses the needs of your business.

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International Freight Forwarding Ocean and Air Freight

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