Production-oriented supply chain service

Production-oriented supply chain service (wide supply chain service): During the whole process operation of supply chain from material purchase to product sales, the enterprise can selectively outsource all or part of its non-core business to Zedu Group. When helping enterprises realize improvement in supply chain efficiency and overall cost leadership, Zedu Group integrates the upstream and downstream enterprises on the supply chain to realize collaborative operation and increment of supply chain value through service innovation.

Service object: Manufacturing enterprise, integrated enterprise, brand enterprise, etc

Production-Oriented Supply Chain Service 1

Sourcing Fulfillment Service + VMI

Help enterprises realize zero inventory management, improve suppliers’ production inventory efficiency, and thoroughly solve the problem of the large number of overstocked products caused by the gap between planned production and actual sales.

Zedu Group Assist the enterprise with sunshine purchase and avoid the costs from getting out of control due to various problems arising during the purchasing process.

Production-Oriented Supply Chain Service 2

Case of productive enterprise service

The supply chains of productive enterprises involve many fields such as raw material purchase, material supply, production management, warehousing and logistics management and product sales management. They feature diverse purchasing patterns and settlement methods, large number of links, long process, huge supplier and material and part system, as well as great amount of overall management work.

The production-oriented supply chain service of Zedu Group can change the original complex patter of “many to one” (many suppliers to one enterprise) and “one to many” (one enterprise to many downstream customers) into Zedu Group’s “one to one” operation pattern (one enterprise to Zedu Group).

Case of Production-oriented Service Supply Chain: Purchase Execution + VMI

Customer H is a company that specializes in development, production and sales of digital video, audio, information product complete machine and key components. Established in 1990, it has a registered capital of RMB 1.0 billion and a staff of 4,000 people.

Case of productive enterprise service 1

Case of productive enterprise service 2

Cases of Production-oriented Service Supply Chain: Sales Execution + DC

Company S is a world-famous network solution provider. It implements agent system in China. In the past, it had its agents take delivery of goods respectively from its shipping points as well as go through procedures for international transport, customs clearance, remittance, etc. Hence, it was difficult for Company S to know the supply chain timeliness, cost and transport information after shipment or to supervise the business operations of agents and market prices of products. Besides, due to the goods delivery and settlement of the huge agent system, operation management is complicated for the company.

Case of productive enterprise service 3

Case of productive enterprise service 4

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